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Toilet Repairs Melbourne

Looking for reliable and affordable toilet repair services in Melbourne? No Bull Plumbing offers prompt and professional toilet repair services to fix any issue, big or small. Contact us today for a hassle-free experience and get your toilet functioning properly again.
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Toilet Repairs specialists

A repair in the toilet is inconvenient disrupting the environment at home with bad odour, water flooding and damage. If it is not repaired properly, the issue occurs repeatedly within the next few months. To prevent this, the toilet repairs and installation Melbourne plumber should be called to fix any issues related to plumbing as soon as it is detected. No Bull Plumbing offers toilet repairs Melbourne services for residential and commercial properties.

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Signs of plumbing issues in toilets

The following indicators may point to a problem with your toilet:

Phantom Flush: This occurs when your toilet abruptly refills on occasion, as if it was flushed. The tank's gradual leak into the bowl is what is causing this.

Weak Flush: This refers to a bowl that empties slowly. It can be caused by an issue with the flushing mechanism, restricted flow between the tank and bowl, an obstruction in the waste line, or inadequate venting.

Leaky Seals: There are at least five seals on a typical toilet, and each one has the potential to leak. The bathroom floor will eventually deteriorate if the seal at the base of your toilet fails to seal.

Call us if you experience any of the signs above for toilet repairs and installation Melbourne services.

Leaking Toilet Repairs Melbourne

For the majority of toilet issues, including leaky toilets, a total repair is not required. A toilet is made up of a number of parts, any one of which could develop a defect over time. As a result, a component replacement can be required. Components like flapper valves and fill valves, among others, may eventually wear down and cause a leaky toilet that may not be visible to the human eye. Additionally, the wax ring under the toilet base or a loose bolt connecting the toilet tank to the bowl could cause the toilet to start leaking.

How to Install a toilet

It is important to always double-check the measurements to make sure the toilet fits as the bowl must properly rest above the drain. Additionally, because no two suites are the same size, you can't just buy any model off the shelf and assume it will fit.

Perhaps the trickiest part of replacing a toilet is removing the closet bolts. The bolts keep the bowl attached to the floor and cannot be removed by simple screwing. It may get quite difficult when you add in lifting 20 kg (or more), replacing the wax ring, and closet flange.

Re-sealing the new toilet once the old one has been removed requires accuracy. It needs to be level, flat with the ground, and watertight. The last thing you need is a toilet with a base leak.

The perfect final touch to a significant plumbing project is to secure the seat, seal the pipework, and ensure that all the inside components function.

If you can’t wrap your head around this, call No Bull Plumbing for toilet repairs and installation Melbourne services. Our plumbers are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to install your toilet.

Our team can help with a variety of toilet options including:

  • Wall-faced toilets
  • Integrated basin style cisterns
  • Wall hung toilet pans
  • Invisible in-wall cistern toilets
  • Bidets & urinals
  • Any many more toilet and bathroom options

Our no bull plumbing promise

No Bull Plumbing has qualified and skilled emergency plumbers ready to resolve urgent plumbing dilemmas. We aim to arrive at your location within one hour*, providing you with peace of mind and timely solutions. Whether you have a leaking toilet cistern or a blocked drain, our emergency plumbers in are just a phone call away. Our team covers all areas of Melbourne, providing round-the-clock service, including public holidays. We maintain consistent pricing for after-hours work, ensuring fairness for our customers.

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No bull plumbing is delivering the highest standards of service in melbourne

Our plumbers are licensed and knowledgeable to provide you with solutions for any plumbing issue you might encounter.

Toilet Installation Melbourne

A new toilet and cistern require extensive installation. An installation is a big project that involves everything from selecting the proper fittings to verifying that you have all the necessary connections. Only the best components and products available on the market are used by our skilled plumbers to provide the best service. Our plumbers will make sure your toilet is set up properly the first time so it lasts.

Only trustworthy and experienced plumbers should perform the installation because it can go wrong and cause expensive harm if done incorrectly. Leaks may occur if the wrong fittings are used. In addition to leaks, a loose fitting connection may make it difficult to flush your toilet effectively. In addition, improper installations run the risk of harming not just the new toilet but also the floor, adjacent appliances, and plumbing. If you've just finished remodeling your bathroom, a poor installation could lead to a leaking or damaged toilet completely undoing all of your hard work.

No Bull plumbers can assist you with anything from installing a new toilet (such as a conventional toilet) to ensuring sure the plumbing in your bathroom is in working order. You need professionals for the job who can deliver long-lasting, high-quality outcomes. With a prompt response, we can also ascertain the cost of your toilet installation and provide you with upfront, no-obligation rates. The next time you need a new toilet installed, call No Bull Plumbing for toilet repairs Melbourne and installation services.

Toilet Repairs Melbourne

Emergency Toilet Repair in Melbourne

Even a tiny leak in a pipe might waste several litres of water every day. No Bull Plumbing specializes in toilet repairs Melbourne with straightforward pricing and has qualified plumbers to solve your issue. Make an appointment with us for the quickest toilet repairs Melbourne services instead of putting off little leaks.

Common toilet repair components will be readily available with our plumbers, who can do the work quickly and effectively. We have never encountered a toilet that we couldn't repair or install in the years that we have provided toilet repairs Melbourne services.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the frequently asked questions by our customers. Contact us for any other questions you have.
Should I repair or replace the toilet?

If your toilet malfunctions once in a while, repairs can be done. However, if the toilet needs to be repaired frequently, we recommend replacing the toilet with a new one.

What should I consider when buying a toilet for my room?

The factors to consider when purchasing a toilet are as follows:

  • Height
  • Color
  • Covering bowl
  • Flushing feature
  • Style

Additionally, there are two categories of toilets such as pressure-assisted and gravity-feed. You can choose any one of them based on your requirements.

What is the height I should look for in a toilet?

The standard height for the sitting part is about 15 inches. However, the height of the toilet seat should be 17-19 inches if you are tall.

Do I need a plumber for toilet installation?

A toilet can be installed by yourself with the right parts and tools. However, small mistakes can damage the toilet and might require you to purchase a new one. We recommend contact for toilet repairs and installation services.

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