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Leak Detection Melbourne

Get reliable leak detection and plumbing services in Melbourne with No Bull Plumbing. Our experienced team of professionals use the latest technology and techniques to quickly identify and repair all types of plumbing leaks, saving you time and money.
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Leaking Detection Specialists

A dripping faucet is easy to spot, but leaks are not always so obvious. Has your water bill unexpectedly increased despite the fact that you haven't changed the way you use water or the number of people in your home? Have you noticed any wet spots on your lawn or damp walls in your home? You could have a leak.

No Bull plumbing offers leak detection services all over Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our team at No Bull Plumbing in Melbourne have highly trained eyes that are able to locate and identify leaks, as part of what we do in offering our leak detection Melbourne services. This extension of service includes emergency leak detection, water pipe repairs and related cases to leak detection services to all customers in and around Melbourne.

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The majority of leaks cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some concealed leaks may even go undiscovered, and they frequently require the attention of a plumber who uses thermal imaging cameras. Your leaky pipes or other problems won't get better without skilled plumbers and cutting-edge leak detecting equipment like a non-invasive thermal imaging camera.

Check for leaks with your water meter

If you have your own metre, checking for leaks is easy. Follow the steps below to detect the water leak :

  • Everything that uses water, including drip irrigation, dishwashers, and washing machines, should be turned off.
  • Find where your water metre is. Usually, it is located at the entrance of your property.
  • The water metre dial's numbers should be noted down. Even some metres feature a dial that lets you know when there is a leak.
  • For the next hour, don't use any water.
  • Inspect the dial to see if the last few numbers have changed. If so, there is a leak in your system. The potential leak increases with increase in change.

Call us if you can’t confirm the leak as there might be other causes of the water leak that are hard to detect.

Signs you need leak detection

There may be some obvious indicators that you have a water leak. However, you might not be able to see it but you can notice the signs as below:

  • Pooling of water in an unusual location
  • Damp spot on the lawn
  • Letter from the local council
  • Expensive water bills

Our professional Melbourne leak detectors will locate and repair your leaking pipes quickly. Our plumbers use the most recent non-invasive technology, including the High Frequency Ultra Sonic Listening Device and thermal camera imaging, to pinpoint the source of even the smallest leak for leak detection.

The most significant advantage of our devices is that we do not need to dig your yard, punch holes in walls or drill into concrete to locate leaks; instead, our listening and imaging devices can detect leaks with precision.

Because most leaks are hidden, they frequently go undiscovered and, if neglected, can lead to a plumbing disaster. With No Bull plumbing’s maintenance services, you can relax knowing that your property is leak-free.

Destruction is almost never required to locate leaks with our latest tools and non-invasive techniques. Customer trust No Bull plumbing with leak detection Melbourne services for this reason.

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No Bull Plumbing has qualified and skilled emergency plumbers ready to resolve urgent plumbing dilemmas. We aim to arrive at your location within one hour*, providing you with peace of mind and timely solutions. Whether you have a leaking toilet cistern or a blocked drain, our emergency plumbers in are just a phone call away. Our team covers all areas of Melbourne, providing round-the-clock service, including public holidays. We maintain consistent pricing for after-hours work, ensuring fairness for our customers.

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Our plumbers are licensed and knowledgeable to provide you with solutions for any plumbing issue you might encounter.

Affordable leak detection services

In a structural setting, leaks can be some of the hardest plumbing issues to find, and if gone unnoticed for too long, can be one of the most dangerous plumbing threats your property faces. The smallest undetected leaks can run to be so large and destructive, that over a prolonged period of time, the chances of a costly structural repair to your property become increasingly higher. If you are unsure about whether or not your property is experiencing a leak, contact us immediately and allow us to find the right solution that will save you from stress, money, and time.

Leak detection tests:

In addition to the outdoor leaks, we also provide indoor leak detection Melbourne services as we are aware of the damage that it can cause including cracking of the concrete and cupboard that is beyond repair

Below are some of the leak detection tests that we perform to find the leak:

Static test: A fluorescein dye and water solution is used to identify any waste line leaks. To test the waterproofing, the waste line is blocked off, and coloured water is poured into the shower tray.

Leak Detection Melbourne

Leak detection tests

Hydrostatic pressure test: This tests the hydrostatic pressure to determine whether the water pipe can maintain pressure. A leak is established if there is a decrease in pressure at a specific moment.

Flood test: This test is a very straightforward but efficient. A leak is identified if the affected area is wet and the tiles and screens are saturated with water.

Visual inspection: One of the most crucial tests, which includes a close examination of all plumbing fixtures throughout the building, including faucets, spindles, pipes, toilet cisterns, drains, and other fixtures.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the frequently asked questions by our customers. Contact us for any other questions you have.
What are the common causes of water leaks?

Some of the causes of water leaks are as below:

  • Worn-out fixtures
  • Tree roots
  • Rust in the pies
  • Collapsing pipes
What is the cost of leak detection?

The cost for leak detection depends on a number of factors:

  • Type of equipment
  • Location of the leak
  • Type of water leak

In addition to this, you must also consider the cost of the water bills that is caused by the water leak.

What happens after the leak is detected?

Our leak detection Melbourne team will provide a no-obligation free quote for repairs. We provide a long-term and a cost-effective solution.

Is the leak detection accurate?

Our leak detection Melbourne specialists are able to locate every leak within inches regardless of how difficult it is. Our plumbers are equipped with the advanced technology and latest techniques to detect the leaks with minimum damage to the property.

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